Nick Johnstone's Community Involvement


Les Twentyman Foundation

For 8 consecutive years, the Team at Nick Johnstone Real Estate have believed and supported in the Les Twentyman Foundation.

The Les Twentyman Foundation (formerly the 20th Man Fund) provides crucial support services for young people and their families.

The Les Twentyman Foundation programs and services cover education-support, sports and recreation, counselling, personal development, life–experiences and employment pathways. Young people in Victoria are facing increasing hardship that ultimately leads to behavioural problems.

The pressure placed on a young person living in a low socio-economic area is not well understood by the general population.

This pressure leads to the young person disconnecting from society in general, sinking into extreme levels of low self-esteem and self-worth and engaging in high-risk activity. The Les Twentyman Foundation aims to reconnect them with their families and communities enabling them to reach their full potential and make a positive contribution to society.


Sandringham VFL Football Club

Nick Johnstone has been the President of the Sandringham VFL team since 2017. 

The Sandringham Football Club has a long, proud and successful history in the VFA/VFL competition. Sandringham were admitted to the VFA (Victorian Football Association) in 1929, 2 years after lodging an application to join the competition. The yellow, black and blue colours of the Sandringham jumper were made up of colours taken from the three local sides that combined to make up the club. The yellow came from the Sandringham Amateurs, Black from Black Rock & Blue from Hampton Amateurs. 

Nick has been apart of the exciting inaugural Sandringham VFL Womens Team.



Bayley House 

Nick is an extremely proud sponsor for the Bayley House Christmas Concert every year, his generous donations helps fund the Annual Christmas Concert and provide costumes, props & everything in between.

Bayley House offers a warm, vibrant and close-knit community.

As a for-purpose organisation with experience spanning seven decades, Bayley House thrive on supporting the well-being of people with intellectual disability as they live, learn, create and belong.

They harness individual talents, energy and enthusiasm to provide life skills, stimulating experiences and new opportunities through strengths-based and person-centered active support.

The vibrant community brings passion and commitment to disability advocacy, skills development, independence and self-determination.



Australian Cervical Cancer Foundation