29 Aug 2022

8/41 Kinane Street, Brighton

Straight Shooter, Highly recommend!  I'm not normally one to leave online reviews, however my experience with Sarah was faultless, so I felt I had to share my experience.  She made it easy to have a 'hands off' sale campaign by arranging various trades to do work in the lead up to the campaign.  She also went over prior to every open and made sure the place was presented well and the heater was on.  If that wasn't enough, Sarah also held multiple OFI's, far more than the norm in industry, thereby giving buyers the opportunity to look at it at a convenient time for them.  Sarah was also very good with communication, and phone calls after each OFI to let me know how things went.  Through the whole process I felt like I was in safe hands which is just what every vendor wants.  Based on the above, if you're a vendor I would highly recommend you get Sarah around for a chat about your sale.

Cameron H (Vendor)