34B Comer Street, Brighton East

Deborah H (Vendor) , 18 Feb 2022

There isn't a better agent in Bayside!  The whole experience of selling with Joe is a pleasure and this is the second house I have sold with him.  He is honest and frank and has a wonderful way of putting both vendors and buyers at ease.  I think its a testament to him that when the hammer went down on my home last Sunday the winning bidders were as excited and happy as we were with the result.  That's the best kind of deal where everyone walks away pleased with it and it is a credit to Joe's hard work and passion for the job that he had so many good buyers confident to bid at auction.  Joe genuinely cares about the process, goes above and beyond with the opens (he even mowed my front lawn before selling my first home) and doesn't create false expectations for either buyers or sellers.  I think this level of honesty in what is a fairly cut throat industry is what sets him apart and is why I have referred him to so many of my friends in the area who have been equally impressed.  I know he will chase every last potential buyer, isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and get it done.  I love that the Nick Johnstone team does Sunday opens, in fact we had a Sunday auction.  I trust Joe and the team and I am very grateful for all they did to get such a great result for me.  He was also instrumental in me securing my new home, acting in effect as a buyers agent for me with another agency.  I reached out to him because I knew how knowledgeable he is and was thrilled that he helped me to secure a house I'd been coveting for years.  Thanks Joe - you really are the best!