839B Hampton Street, Brighton

Susan P (Vendor) , 13 May 2020

Master of the Deal with a Personal Touch. I was supporting my elderly mother in the sale of her house and wanted the best for her. I couldn't have asked for better than Matt. Our first impressions of him were that he was altogether warm, enthusiastic, authentic and professional. He set us both at ease with his knowledge of the market, obvious proficiency, clear plan of action, and offer of availability. We knew we were in good hands. But no one could have foreseen what was about to happen. The corona virus crisis hit just as the implementation of the sale plan was gathering momentum. The daily shutting down of the economy and the disastrous effect on the real estate market would have demoralized any normal agent. Not Matt! He seemed to relish the challenge. It was amazing to watch him expertly and nimbly change tack and do the deal as the rug was being pulled from under him. The result was great - as if there was no crisis! Finally, during and since the sale, Matt's availability and attentiveness to my mother has been wonderful and demonstrates his decency, dedication and love for his work. Thank you Matt. We couldn't be happier and wish you every success in the future.