20 Vincent Street, Sandringham

Craig & Jen (Vendor) , 16 Apr 2020

Sold our house for an excellent result in days in the midst of coronavirus

My wife and I called 2 agents in from Sandringham and found both people to be quite impressive. We actually decided we were most likely not going with Russ and communicated that to him.
In the midst of this, the real estate industry started shutting down, NO auctions NO opens etc, and we decided to wait and see if we were going to even be allowed to have anyone in at all.
Over the next 8/9 days Russ never stopped calling me talking thru issues how he would address them, and then asked if he could bring what he said was 2/3 very qualified buyers who would be suited to some of the unique qualities of our home. I was reluctant but he pestered me into it, and 96 hours later our home was sold under a very competitive sealed bids sales scenario.
Russ thanks for pestering me into it. By the time he had shown 4/5 buyers the home we had decided if Russ worked this hard on us to get the home he would likely work just as hard following up any would be buyers and so we had decided to go with him regardless of the result at that time. Very hard worker who quite possibly has no detectable off switch, Thanks Russ your assistance was much appreciated!