Deborah S - Vendor , 14 Jun 2019

Best agent ever!

My near new townhouse in Brighton had been languishing on the depressed market for 4 months with another agent and I’d spent $21,000 in marketing fees with them, paid an additional $7,000 for styling with the price constantly being lowered, two auctions and not a single contracted offer. Joe took it over and 6 weeks later we had a signed contract at a price I was happy with – wish I’d gone with him in the first place. We had potential buyers through almost every day and the buyer who bought actually came to a Sunday open and Joe followed them up through the week. I couldn’t be happier – Joe is determined, friendly, trustworthy and I love Nick Johnston’s “no bullxxxx” policy. Hopefully I won’t sell again for a while but I know who I will call when I do – thanks so much – could not recommend Joe more highly.