Georgina K , 18 May 2017

High quality real estate agent

Simone Chin was the third real estate agent we engaged. As we were selling a 102 years old period home, we felt that the property needed an approach that engaged the prospective purchasers in the appreciation of the features of a home of this era. When Simone visited our home for the first time she was immediately warm and positive to the feel of the house and picked out the period features with unerring accuracy, praised the sympathetic renovation and commented on the potential the property had in the market and in its position. It was clear to us that we had to engage prospective purchasers on a personal level and to have them connect to the property, it’s elegance and history and Simone not only nailed the brief but also enhanced it with her knowledge and marketing skills. Simone showed considerable flexibility in her approach and embraced our desired strategy while also enhancing it and increasing the chances of a successful outcome. Simone’s articulation, delivery and diplomacy is outstanding. While being very diplomatic Simone will stress points where it is important for the sale process and will be firm and respectful in her communication. The team working around Simone where skilled individuals who were very experienced and knowledgeable and produced high quality results. Courteous, professional, hard-working, diligent, efficient, team oriented, knowledgeable, respectful and honest, Simone also ensures timely and regular communication and progress updates. I found Simone a skillful and confident negotiator and would unreservedly recommend her services.