84 Holyrood Street, Hampton

Beverly & Tom F , 09 Nov 2016

My wife and I muddled through being our own property managers for years for a small number of units. In retrospect, it was a poor decision with both economic and personal consequences. (Chasing tenants for rent owed being one constant pain). Life is one continuous learning curve. For us, the easiest learning curve was learned when we let the professionals do the job. And Nick Johnstone's agency fulfilled the task effortlessly. From the onset, Nick Johnston's property management leased to good quality tenants, carried out repairs and maintenance efficiently and economically when necessary, and oversaw all the legalities involved in leasing units as well as fulfilling all of the accounting requirements – (extra work a fully engaged business owner does not need to deal with). With Nick Johnstone's property management in the drivers seat, our tenancies were more viable and we gained peace of  mind.  Their wonderful, warm, engaging staff was a pleasure to work with. We would recommend them to any one in the market for an agency to manage their properties without a seconds' reservation.